Make your body feel great with natural treatments


Since its conception, Chiropractic has been the subject of decades of judgement and controversy. For years it has battled the mainstream medical professionals of the world about the authenticity of the practice of chiropractic. It is hard for drug companies and other privatised pharmaceutical companies to accept that the solution to most of the ailments that can harm a human being can be traced to the spine – the core of the human body.

Chiropractic isn’t just for people who are looking for back neck pain relief. A proper alignment within the musculoskeletal system can bring health benefits that we think is natural and without need for vaccines or other unnatural substances. A chiropractor is dedicated to the harmony of your entire body. They are dedicated to ensuring that you are healthy and well in all aspects of your body, not just your lower back and neck. Chiropractors allow your body to heal itself through the alignment of your bones and muscles. They also consider all aspects of your life in relation to their treatment. Chiropractors don’t take the easy way out of medicine by simply getting rid of the symptom of a disease, they take into account your diet and lifestyle and though that, they help you train your body to fend of symptoms of disease on its own.

INC Health brings all of this experience and knowledge to the city of London. Ida Norgaard is a trained Chiropractor and a highly educated professional in the field. Using her methods, athletes, yoga instructors, football players, singers and even office workers have felt the benefit of chiropractic and the good health that comes after treatment.

If you’re in need of a chiropractor in London, your best bet is to take advantage of the surfaces of INC Health. If you want to call them you can do so on: 020 7931 9572. You can email and request us to contact you by leaving a message on the “Contact us” page.





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